Taking Stock: TheArchive Remembers Dean Stockwell

TheArchive never ceases to amaze.
Upon learning of Dean Stockwell's passing, we immediately dug in to our library to recount how many Stockwell titles we own. It should be of no surprise that we have five titles of which one is a series.
But before we share the list, let's celebrate an awesome career that spanned over 70 years and began in childhood in the 1940s if you'll believe it.
Perhaps best known for Quantum Leap, you may be surprised to learn that Stockwell was also an Oscar, Golden Globe winning, and Emmy-nominated actor with over 200 credits to his name.
His earliest work was on a Broadway stage as a child before he found himself on screen with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Gene Kelly, Errol Flynn and opposite Katharine Hepburn in Long Day’s Journey Into Night which earned him a Best Actor prize at Cannes.
Quantum Leap
Of course it was Wim Wenders’ 1984 film Paris, Texas that led to a reignited career in the 1980s and 90s where he found himself in David Lynch's Blue Velvet, Dune, and The Player, not to mention Academy Award nominated in Married to the Mob.
By 1993 Stockwell had earned TV royalty status in his four time Emmy nominated turn as Admiral Al Calavicci opposite Scott Bakula, in Quantum Leap

Throughout his career, Stockwell seemed to slide in and out of quirky, straight man, and leading man status and the films from TheArchive are no exception. Once you've had enough of Quantum Leap check out these Dean Stockwell projects:

In They Nest, a big city doctor vacationing in a small Island off of Maine discovers that the island is infested with a malicious and deadly breed of flying cockroaches that root inside their victims. Stockwell stars opposite John Savage.

In Unabomber, Stockwell's character hunts down Ted Kaczynski.

In Phenomenon: The Lost Archives, Stockwell, over 14 episodes, is the perfect host to examine life's greatest mysteries within governments, corporations, and religious groups who have secretly wielded vast power by suppressing critical data and spreading misinformation to further their own aims.

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