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🎃 A Month of Halloween: Week of Witches

  Witches, those mysterious and magical figures, have intrigued our imagination for ages. From old stories of cackling hags to today's powerful enchantresses, they symbolize a world of secrets and spells. Throughout history, these enigmatic beings have been both feared and revered , serving as a source of inspiration for countless tales and legends. The enduring fascination with witches speaks to our enduring curiosity about the supernatural and the unexplained.  The fear of witches reached an all-time high in the U.S. when in 1692, fear and dogma ignited a frenzy of accusations, trials, and executions in a Massachusetts Bay Colony . Innocent women were accused of witchcraft, tried in makeshift courts, and faced the ultimate punishment for their suspicions, which was death. This is infamously known as the Salem Witch Trials .  With such a traumatic and conflictual history to draw from, Witches have found a natural home in the world of film for decades. Here at TheArchive, The Wit