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World Cup Collection on TheArchive

The World Cup has soared to new global domination heights as massive stadium watch parties and massive stadium upsets are everywhere. And maybe a scandal or controversy here or there.... With USA's defeat of Iran,  Japan over Spain, Germany over Costa Rica... there's no doubt a war of the "World" is most certainly on.  TheArchive  enjoys a little rivalry and roots for the underdog so check out our World Cup collection that spotlights the good, the bad, and the in between of football...let's  delve into a world of fraud, corruption, and manipulation. We start with the film Dirty Games , an "expedition to the dirty abyss of professional sports." Benjamin Best (CNN Journalist of the Year 2011) gives us a peek behind the scenes at the all too "fascinating" world of sports to unveil a multi-billion juggernaut. Have a look into how the sports system truly operates. Now we transition to heroics, legends,and GOATs. R ick King wrote and directed a fair