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Killing it on TheArchive!

Have you seen A Murderous Affair starring Virginia Madsen? 

First of all, it features Johnny Roastbeef Williams. Enough said.
Anybody want a sandwich?
But then it also features William H. Macy. Now, enough said.

And it used to be in glorious SD. Until TheArchive made it available in HD. And for free no less....
Old school SD trailer for an HD film! Nice.

In case you're curious, based on a true storyA Murderous Affair is the case of Carolyn Warmus, a teacher from Westchester County who was convicted of the murder of her lover’s wife.
When Paul Solomon (Chris Sarandon) returns home to find his wife has been murdered, he becomes the primary suspect.He reveals to the detectives he committed adultery during his affair with the sexy and charming Carolyn Warmus as his alibi.
Soon Detectives begin to find the seemingly sweet Carolyn was anything but, and had a jealous streak that would lead her to stop at nothing to get Paul to herself…
So if this movie isn't a recipe for deadly sexual desir…

13 Reasons Why There's 100 Years of Horror: Part 2

Happy Halloween!
With that out of the way, in the 13 reasons why list part 1 we released Friday the 13th, we started with horror's beginnings, each of the first 13 through Christopher Lee's deliciously dulcet and altogether creepy tones.
Now we move through through the back half of the list to unearth more freaks, maniacs, and monsters. So grab the candy you were giving to the trick or treaters and let's get watching:Freaks: Horror film portrayals of physical deformity, including the Hunchback of Notre Dame. These pictures often featured actors with real deformities or disabilities - the fear of someone different.Scream Queens: Jamie Lee Curtis and Fay Wray, mostly known for their iconic screams on camera, these actresses and others discuss their experience on set and the challenges that they faced when having to maintain fear and terror on set.Girl Ghouls: Female antagonists in horror films. Historically, villains and heroes were exclusively played by males whereas women of…

13 Reasons Why There's 100 Years of Horror: Part 1

Here's 13 Reasons Why 100 Years of Horror is a must watch. 
Happy Friday the 13th!As you may have noticed, we at TheArchive love Christopher Lee, so who better to host horror film clip shows (the listicles of a bygone era) than the legendary King of Horror himself.100 Years of Horror chronicles the history of movie horror from the earliest experimental chillers through the unforgettable "golden age of movie monsters," and on to the graphic horror films of today.To fully understand how this genre emerged, we need to start at the beginning. So let's jump in to the the first 13 reasons why: Dracula and his Disciples: Cinematic portrayals of Bram Stoker's Count Dracula, including those of Bela Lugosi, John Carradine, and Christopher Lee.Blood Drinking Beginnings: Blood-drinking beings, most notably inspired by Bram Stoker's novel and how different filmmakers found new ways of reinventing the concept of the vampire.Frankenstein's Friends: Classic films based on …

Fat Legs and Broken Hearts

Sometimes love grabs you by the legs and asks you to sit down and commiserate. Fat Legs from TheArchive is free, in 4K and the perfect companion to a pint of ice cream.
For our heroine Anna, it has been a year since she and John split, but things for her aren’t getting any easier. She isn’t landing auditions, and the mounting pressure from her parents to find a more stable career is starting to get to her. 

Dreading the uncertainty of her future Anna travels to Paris to the home of her best friend, Jean.

Jean has given up the dream of acting for a stable paycheck and idyllic life with his partner Phillipe,

however, Phillipe’s dying mother has caused for some turmoil recently. Eager to find a distraction from his own problems, Jean shifts his time and attention to helping Anna who herself is devoted to another task entirely. You'll have to watch Fat Legs to find out more.

If you have not fallen madly in love with Fat Legs by now, we suggest you search TheArchive until you find your matc…

Hollywood Legend and Adventurer

TheArchive has pulled out another gem, The Remarkable Life of John Weld.

It's quite a beautiful true story narrated by the incomparablePeter Coyote who plays John Weld in voiceover. Peter has done amazing voiceover work prior to this for many Ken Burns films and if you have not listened to it, don Miguel Ruiz' The Four Agreements. Brilliant stuff.
With gorgeous recreations, original footage, and docu-style interviews with friends, family, and colleagues The Remarkable Life of John Weld takes you through the journey of a man never deterred by challenge.

Fueled by his unwavering positive spirit, John was propelled into adventures with some of the most influential figures of the early 20th Century.
Love of his life Gigi Parrish who after marrying John, changed her name to Katy Weld
During the Golden Age of Hollywood, John worked his way up through the ranks from extra to respected stuntman, doubling some of the most prominent stars of the silent era like John Barrymore, Tom Mix and Bu…

A Lesbian Mob Comedy?

When coming out is not the hardest part of family...

In Alto, Francesca “Frankie” Del Vecchio (Diana DeGarmo) is adamant about many things in life. Headstrong and passionate, she loves her family, her band, and her fiancé; but disagrees with all of them about one thing: "Mob Hit" a TV show symbolizes the fetishizing of Mafia culture that to Frankie obscures all the more important aspects of the Italian American culture she longs to feed her soul. 

But Frankie’s abhorrence of–and her sister Heather’s attraction to–Mob culture remain symbolic, that is until Frankie opens the trunk of a rental car and finds her world turned upside down.
Also features: Natalie Knepp, Billy Wirth, Annabella Sciorra, Lou Martini, Jr., Jake Robards, Anthony Gallo

Alto was always intentionally a movie to make people laugh, and through humor, help heal the wounds that separate us, particularly from those we love.
In the end, I wanted to make a film that would break through the differences between people …