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TV's First Female Cop Arrested Audiences

Uncover the lost hero of ’50s television — Patricia “Casey” Jones. TV'S FIRST FEMALE COP IN... DECOY • Audrey L. Hamm •  This post was originally published on (3/5/21) and updated on (3/1/22) . In 1957, Beverly Garland pioneered the starring role of ‘Casey’ in the short-lived television series, DECOY (1957-1958). Producing only 39 episodes, Decoy was the first-of-its-kind to feature a policewoman as its syndicated star. Garland solidified her place in history as a cinematic first for women, yet remains largely unknown by American audiences.  Casey Jones offered women of the '50s an empowered and respected, female hero of the silver screen; a role model, whose story was worth telling week after week! Why has it been so decidedly forgotten?  Perhaps a lack of interest in women’s rights, at the time, made it difficult to sustain meaningful longevity in the hearts of America. The discussion and celebration of women is finally making its way out of the shadows an