Celebrating Veterans Around the World

Beneath the Helmet explores the story of Five Israeli high school graduates drafted into the military. Eden Adler (First Lieutenant), Oren Giladi (Private), Mekonan Abebe (Private), Eilon Cohen (Private), Coral Amarani (Sergeant) enter training for eight months, 

discovering their core values, unearthing emotions from the past, and learning that their teenage lives are now changed forever.

The documentary highlights a few different positions the teens hold, ranging from First Lieutenant to Private, Sergeant and Commander. 

Mekonen and Oren are both Privates, who emigrated to Israel from Ethiopia and Switzerland. After joining the army, the two became the best of friends — despite their different upbringing.

The other three teens featured are Coral, Eden, and Eilon — all of whom hail from Israel. Coral is from the affluent neighborhood of Herzliya Pituach and is a Sergeant at a pre-basic training program, working to get 12 soldiers integrated into the IDF (Israel Defense Forces).

As a First Lieutenant, Eden is directly responsible for the lives, safety and operational effectiveness of 42 recruits and three sergeants. 

Eilon is the first of his siblings to be enlisted into the army, as a Private. 

In this hard-hitting, honest portrayal of the IDF and basic training programs, we see the reality of the transitioning from young adolescent years to becoming adults in the armed forces. 

The teens form a strong bond and brotherhood, having found a sense of community within the armed forces.

At such a young age, these teens undergo a life changing, demanding journey, revealing the core of who they are and who they want to be. 

Beneath the Helmet captures how these young men and women are protecting not only their homeland, but the shared values of peace, equality, opportunity, democracy, religious tolerance, and gender equity. The lessons that they learn along the way are paradigms for tolerance, perseverance, and commitment; lessons we can all benefit from learning.

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