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🎃 A Month of Halloween: Week of Killers

October is the time of year when we, as a collective, can explore the dark and macabre. As Halloween nears, we immerse ourselves in stories of the supernatural, death, possessions, and the eerie world of killers . The creepy allure of horrifying killer/true-crime stories, documentaries, and TV series reminds us that the darkest aspects of human nature can be just as fascinating as their supernatural counterparts.  These tales of depravity and evil take us down a disturbing rabbit hole of the human psyche. We delve into the minds of these murderers, trying to fathom what could drive a person to commit such heinous acts. These narratives force us to confront the darkest aspects of human nature, prompting us to question the boundaries of morality and sanity.  With Halloween creeping just around the corner, finish off this month of horror series with the movie Killers (1996) directed by Mike Mendez. This film starts off with brothers Kyle and Odessa James being found guilty of the murd