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Emmy Night from TheArchive

If you haven’t had enough of the Emmys yet, TheArchive has dug deep and pulled out a few of our many Emmy titles. Cedric wasn’t around when most of these shows were nominated, nor was RuPaul or Ted Lasso, but who doesn't love Tom Selleck who hosted in 1984 when Samson and Delilah had an Emmy nom? And guess what? The nominee also styled Selleck’s luscious mane for Magnum P.I. What are the chances? Anyway, please excuse the digression, as we highlight a few Emmy favorites from a bygone era. In  Gun , a star-studded six part series and two time Emmy nominee, the lives of several unrelated characters change dramatically when they encounter the same pearl-handled .45 semiautomatic pistol. The series features appearances from Rosanna Arquette, James Gandolfini, Daryl Hannah, Kirstin Dunst, Martin Sheen, and Carrie Fisher. Six time Emmy nominee and winner Then There Were Giants explores the dramatic rivalry, friendship and competition between the great Allied wartime leaders: Franklin

9/11: Stories of Loss and Redemption

  On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 we remember, we honor, and we continue to mourn. We mourn the lives and the innocence lost. Today we spotlight stories that came as a result of this unforgettable time in our history - stories that explore loss and redemption and healing in the wake of 9/11.  First is the  THE REST OF US .  Directed by Dr. Linda G. Mills, artist, author, scholar and Executive Director of NYU's Center on Violence and Recovery,   THE REST OF US   chronicles student resilience in the face of a mental health crisis on the campus of Blair University. Set in the Fall of 2001, a diverse group of college students spring into action when confronted by the reality of a suicide.  The film follows Amy (Amanda Debraux), an introverted engineering student whose resistance, and resilience, inspires those who are left behind -- the rest of us.  The Broken Ones is based based on a true story from writer Cece King, and follows the story of one woman’s struggle to cope with the loss

Football on TheArchive: HBO's 1st & Ten

With NFL Week 1 finally upon us, and with the Cowboys facing off against the Buccaneers in the first game of the season, we thought it was time for TheArchive to throw a Hail Mary. Super Bowl champion openers are always fun, especially as we look for Tom Brady to pull out yet another unprecedented season, but who can hold a candle to 1980s throwbacks like the HBO, O.J. Simpson starrer, 1st & Ten ? However the Buccs-Cowboys matchup plays out, there’s 80 episodes of OJ slicing and dicing his way through jokes and jocks. So punt whatever else your binging and get down with 1st & Ten ! HBO has long been ahead of its time featuring the antics of American Football on and off the field. Before Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson’s star turn in HBO’s Ballers or the hard-hitting docuseries Hard Knocks , 1st & Ten had its own run with the sport and its players. Funny enough, if you're a fan of Apple’s Ted Lasso , you may also recognize some very familiar tropes that have been