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Top 5 Rare Christmas Movies from the TheArchive

This holiday season, kick it rare, retro, and old school with TheArchive. UNLIKELY ANGEL: Dolly Parton plays a country music singer who meets an untimely demise and learns she can’t enter heaven until she performs a good deed back on Earth. To earn her wings, she must find a mother for a widowed father and his two children in this endearing film of hope and love.THE CHRISTMAS STALLION: When Gwen’s grandfather dies, he leaves her the farm and horses that they’ve raised together, but places her under the legal care of her uncle. When a greedy land developer pesters the family, a decision regarding whether to sell the farm rests solely on her uncle’s shoulders.SPEND THE HOLIDAYS WITH LIBERACE: Liberace invites us to his Thanksgiving musical celebration, playing both songs that invoke the spirit of the season and classic hits. With help from a string quartet led by his older brother George, Liberace serenades a live turkey as a farewell commemoration.CHRISTMAS LILIES OF THE FIELD (1979): A…

The Wide World of Renée Zellweger and Vincent D'Onofrio

The Whole Wide World is a true story of Novalyne Price Ellis (Renée Zellweger) one of the greatest pulp fiction writers of all time. 

Based on her acclaimed autobiography, Ellis is a feisty West Texas schoolteacher who has a torrid and turbulent affair with Robert. E. Howard (Vincent D'Onofrio), the great pulp writer of the 1930s. 

However, their conflicting personalities along with Howard’s emotional baggage, including his sickly mother and absent father, puts a strain on their relationship. 

The two struggle to carry on the romance but it devolves to tumult, resulting in an unrequited 

love story with Howard becoming more immersed in his own struggles and deeply disconnected from the real world.
No one said love is easy, but at least you can download and watch in beautiful, free, 4K.

Love hurts here at TheArchive

TheArchive channel is dedicated to aficionados and lovers of story, craft, and silver screen fun – streaming rare, retro, and 4K restored films and classic TV. From indies a…

High School to the Home Front

Beneath the Helmet explores the story of Five Israeli high school graduates drafted into the military. Eden Adler (First Lieutenant), Oren Giladi (Private), Mekonan Abebe (Private), Eilon Cohen (Private), Coral Amarani (Sergeant) enter training for eight months, 

discovering their core values, unearthing emotions from the past, and learning that their teenage lives are now changed forever.

The documentary highlights a few different positions the teens hold, ranging from First Lieutenant to Private, Sergeant and Commander. 

The documentary highlights a few different positions the teens hold, ranging from First Lieutenant to Private, Sergeant and Commander. Mekonan and Oren are both Privates, who emigrated to Israel from Ethiopia and Switzerland. After joining the army, the two became the best of friends — despite their different upbringing.
The other three teens featured are Coral, Eden, and Eilon — all of whom hail from Israel.Coral is from the affluent neighborhood of Herzliya Pituach an…

Streaking in Sports? No Harm. No Foul.

When streaking becomes professional, does that mean it’s serious business or just for laughs? 
Can't it be both?
TheArchive decided to undress this conceit.

Streaking rose to popularity in the early 1970s, as disruption to sporting events to demonstrate rebellion. As the phenomenon grew in prominence across live sporting events, security and event handlers would do their best to diffuse the situation and discourage the daring and baring. 

But alas, the streaking continued. Providing a sense of comedic flare to the otherwise tension-filled dynamic of the game, spectators seem to enjoy both and have come to expect if not demand some nude diversion during the big game.
In STREAKER, our favorite streaker movie we've acquired yet, this Swiss film spotlights the high stakes competitive world of streaking; money and pride are on the line, and bets are placed to see who can stay on the field the longest.And there's nudity!
Teacher and single dad Balz Näf lives with his daughter. After i…

Occult and Evil in the Horrors of Vietnam

In M.I.A. A Greater Evil, a group of American college students embark on an expedition in search of gold throughout the war-torn jungles of Vietnam. The college students (Valerie Bentson, Sarah Ball, and Mark Matula) are joined by their Geology professor in search of gold along a river in Vietnam. 

With past stories of French gold miners finding riches within the waters, their intrigue is not deterred by rapids, detoured routes, or talk of the War and its ominous presence over the area.

But their dreams of riches quickly unravel when an unintended detour leaves the group lost and wandering where many before them have curiously disappeared.  

One of the students points out that her grandfather was a missing POW. Settling around a campfire after taking a detour, the group talks about the war and its mysteries, with some of the characters ignorantly brushing off the past. 

Things take a horrifying turn when someone appears mysteriously at their camp site, and it is revealed that they are los…

The Black Panther - Psycho Killer?


True crime fanatics rejoice! Ian Merrick’s The Black Panther is remastered, re-released and ready for crime aficionados to revel in.  The Black Panther is based on a series of true events revolving around Donald Neilson’s string of petty burglaries in Northern England – those of which led to consequential murders, and an eventual kidnapping of a teenage heiress (Lesley Whittle).
Between 1972 and 1975, ex-military man Donald Neilson commits a series of senseless violent crimes that terrifies locals and baffles law enforcement. Despite his irrationally meticulous prior planning, Neilson's reckless armed robbery spree doesn't ever reap him a satisfactory sum, so he intensifies the mindless brutality of his crimes and allows the barbarity to bleed into his home life, treating his own wife and daughter like subordinates. With most of his recent robberies having been botched by obvious oversights, Neilson attempts to hit the jackpot by kid…