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Let's Go Summer!

Summer is here so TheArchive is ready to dive headfirst into our summer movie collection. Celebrating our eclectic mix of genres, narratives, and experiences we are getting you out of the heat so you can chill with some of our favorites. Since everyone is chatting about Mel Gibson and his controversial casting in the John Wick spinoff The Continental, we start with Gibson's first film here: Two years before his breakout role in Mad Ma x, Mel Gibson stars  in his very first film, a surfer flick called Summer City   alongside Phil Avalon.  Marcia Gay Harden stars in The Wine of Summer . When a great play inspires James to go on a journey of self-discovery, which leads him to Spain, he ends up getting tangled in a web of desire, love, and broken trust. Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys  stars Bruce Greenwood as Dennis Wilson.  This definitive tale of the legendary band is told from the brotherly relationship of the late Dennis Wilson and his genius but troubled brother, Bria