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Can a Miracle Save the Children?

The horror of mass shootings is again on the rise as unprecedented levels of violence and unimaginable terror pervade our schools.  These acts are often perpetrated by people who are victims of their circumstances and can be largely undiagnosed.  But May is mental health awareness month and a time to reflect and to raise awareness of those living with mental health issues. This is a serious issue and one that can be conflated with mass shootings and human atrocity, often compromising the efforts millions take to improve their condition. In that spirit, we surfaced a very powerful movie from TheArchive called To Save the Children  starring Robert Urich and Richard Thomas and based on the true story and novel, "When Angels Intervene to Save the Children." This is the story of teacher Jake Downey who has relocated to a small town called Cokeville in rural Wyoming hoping to escape the urban problems of his last assignment. His myth of rural bliss is shattered when a former polic