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Freedom and Independence

This 4th of July weekend, TheArchive spotlights independence by sharing several stories that commemorate choice and the freedom that privacy and decision can afford. Of course, we also include our classic Beyond the Mask : an action adventure filled with the battles that led to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  We start with the story of a teenager's soul-searching after becoming emancipated from her family and joining a traveling carnival.  Freedom stars Mare Winningham and features six songs that Janis Ian wrote for her to perform in the movie. Four time emmy winner and director of Taking of Pelham One Two Three Joe Sargent, helmed. Jennifer Warren, Tony Bill, Peter Horton, and Taylor Negron also star. For Their Own Good finds Factory worker Sally Wheeler receiving an ultimatum from her employer: she must agree to be sterilized or she will be fired. Now Sally and her coworkers must enter a bitter trial to fight back. Elizabeth Perkins, Colleen Camp, and Laura San

Hang Ten With TheArchive

As summer officially kicks off, kick back with all our favorite surf and sand favorites. We bring you...TheArchive's Hang Ten: #1 Marcia Gay Harden stars in The Wine of Summer . When a great play inspires James to go on a journey of self-discovery, which leads him to Spain, he ends up getting tangled in a web of desire, love, and broken trust. #2  Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys  stars Bruce Greenwood as Dennis Wilson.  This definitive tale of the legendary band is told from the brotherly relationship of the late Dennis Wilson and his genius but troubled brother, Brian, almost 25 years before Love & Mercy. It features an incredible Beach Boys soundtrack. #3  Wet and Wild Summer  starring Elliot Gould and Julian McMahon of  Nip/Tuck  is about  a young American who visits Australia to close a land development deal for his father. His plans change however, when he falls for the attractive club owner who's trying to hold on to her land. #4 In American Beach House , s

Celebrating Juneteenth and Father's Day

As Father's Day and Juneteenth coincide this year, it provides  TheArchive  an opportunity to feature our favorite content celebrating black fathers. We start with a  A Fight for Jenny , where we meet Kelsey and her new husband as they fight against her racist ex-boyfriend who attempts to sue for full custody of their young daughter. Now Kelsey and her husband must battle injustice to get her back. A Fight for Jenny stars father of 11, Philip Michael Thomas along with Lesley Ann Warren and Jean Smart. In On the Streets of L.A. an estranged father and son are paroled from the same maximum-security prison with one unusual condition, they must become roommates and are forced to depend on each other. Emmy winning Georg Stanford Brown and father of three directs Louis Gossett Jr., Blair Underwood, and Rae Dawn Chong. In  Livin' for Love: The Natalie Cole Story , we see Natalie Cole wrestle with the legacy of her father the late great Nat King Cole and the "unforgettable"

Summer Summer Summer Camp!

As summer approaches, kids everywhere are gearing up for summer camp. Well maybe not these kids. Especially without their gear. TheArchive  is excited to bring you a brand new comedy featuring the Shocklosers from Super Science Showcase in their very first feature! In Surviving Camp Analog , an online prank goes wrong, and the Shocklosers - a group of YouTubing high schoolers - are shipped off to Camp Analog: a summer camp designed to rehabilitate destructive tech habits.  Lee Fanning directs these "losers" and others: Luke Partridge, Hunter Flanagan, Daniel Profeta, Maxwell Ross, and Piper Collins. Stream this summer camp comedy and much more on  TheArchive . TheArchive  channel is dedicated to aficionados and lovers of story, craft, and silver screen fun – streaming rare, retro, and 4K restored films and classic TV.  From indies and series, to Oscar winning documentaries, unearthed MOWs, and a killer horror library,  TheArchive  delivers forgotten, never-before-seen gems fo

This Pride Month, Here's What to Watch

This Pride Month we've gone through TheArchive to curate a streaming playlist of LGBTQ content that should take you through June and beyond. Two men with AIDS develop a close friendship while roommates at a residence for people living with the disease. One man is a heterosexual ex-con, and the other is a homosexual educated professional. Roommates stars  Elizabeth Peña,  Randy Quaid and Eric Stoltz. In  Alto , Francesca “Frankie” Del Vecchio (Diana DeGarmo) is adamant about many things in life. Headstrong and passionate, she loves her family, her band, and her fiancé; but disagrees with all of them about one thing: "Mob Hit" a TV show symbolizes the fetishizing of Mafia culture that to Frankie obscures all the more important aspects of the Italian American culture she longs to feed her soul.  But Frankie’s abhorrence of–and her sister Heather’s attraction to–Mob culture remain symbolic, that is until Frankie opens the trunk of a rental car and finds her world turned up