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Reunited for the Holidays

This holiday season,  TheArchive  is getting nostalgic with our collection of reunion films. Whether you're getting the old crew back together or spending time with your family after a long separation, TheArchive invites you to reunite with some films and feels from the past. We start with  American Reunion ,  which stars Billy Wirth and Jennifer Rubin  in a bittersweet tale about six former classmates gathering 24 hours before their 20th high school reunion. In  Regina , when a son returns to his family's home with his unexpected new fiance, his mother struggles to accept an additional dinner guest, let alone a future daughter in law. Ava Gardener and Anthony Quinn star. In  Personally Yours ,  the children of a divorced couple (Valerie Bertinelli, Jeffrey Nordling), who once ran an Alaskan ranch, hatch a plan to draw them together again. Glory Years  is about three friends reuniting at their 20th class reunion and getting in deep trouble when they use the class' alumni fu

Tarantino and TheArchive

While promoting his new book, “Cinema Speculation,” at an event hosted by Elvis Mitchell this week, Tarantino announced that next year he will shoot an 8 episode TV series. No stranger to TV, but this will be the first time Tarantino will create an original series. He also happened to mention that Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is his best film. And of course, he reiterated his 10th film will be his final  but revealed it will also be an original screenplay. This on the heels of Mitchell's newly released documentary on Netflix "Is That Black Enough for You?!?" which as explains it, " Every time you think he may skip over a chapter of Black movie history, he finds a way to incorporate it." TheArchive  is a big fan of Mitchell's work and while he does not spend any time on our title The Return of Superfly he does spend a good amount talking about Superfly and its influential soundtrack. In a recent interview Mitchell explanis, " Let’s be ho

Veterans Day: TheArchive's War Heroes Collection

This Veteran's Day,  TheArchive  is proud to present our war heroes collection and salute the brave soldiers celebrated in these films. Martin Sheen, Charles S. Dutton, and Patty Duke star in A Matter of Justice , based on a true story about a mother seeks justice in response to the mysterious murder of her young Marine son. She suspects her manipulatively-seductive daughter-in-law likely coerced a Marine into committing the act. When the puzzle is finally pieced together, the mother arrives at the epiphany that her son’s death was the fundamental element in a larger-scale scheme to reap his military benefits.  In Love and War , follows the true story of Vice Admiral James Stockdale (James Woods who was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance), a high-ranking naval officer with the distinction of being the longest held POW in Vietnam; and his wife Sybil Stockdale (Jane Alexander) co-founder of the National League of Families, a nonprofit organization that worked on behalf

Get Into Light, Get Out and Vote

It’s less than a week until midterm elections in America: Democrats and Republicans are ramping up their efforts to epic heights as the balance of power across both aisles is still anyone’s game. Every major race is dead even in the polls or within reach for either party. But today we pour through TheArchive not for prognostication but rather a sense of grounding around the critical need for free and fair elections and what it took so many Americans to gain that access. Into Light is the life story of legendary women’s rights activist and suffragette Inez Milholland. A prison reformer and crusader for African American equality, Milholland was a leading American suffragist who paved the way for the 19th Amendment’s ratification. This timely film about turn of the century suffragette Inez Milholland is set just four years before the 19th Amendment was ratified in 1920. It celebrates Milholland’s rise to social action prominence through her aggressive fight to, against all odds, rally s