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Stream TheArchive's Week of Fashion

New York's Fashion Week has officially kicked off with the world's top designers, models, celebrities and performers converging on New York City. Tommy Hilfiger, Christian Siriano, Telfar, Rebecca Minkoff and more are setting the tone for style trends to come. From Gigi and Bella Hadid to Beverly Johnson; Anna Wintour to Lil' Kim; Kid Cudi to Lil Nas X the stars are out in full effect. At  TheArchive   we too are pret-a-porter and have our own fashion week of content for all of you who want to go retro and see some classic looks. We start with one of our favorite docs in the library,  A Coat of Many Countries , which follows the amazing journey of a single men's suit as it passes through a global assembly line, before landing in a New York department store. Join Patrick Bergen and Elizabeth Berkley en route to a photoshoot. Fashion model Vicky veers off the road and flips her car in the heart of the African bush. She struggles to survive in the wilderness, with only her