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Popes & Dreams: Happy Easter from TheArchive

Spring has sprung just like those adorable little Easter bunnies. And what better way to embrace the Easter spirit than by watching some fun and heartwarming films? From colorful stories to adventures in the great outdoors, these films capture the essence of the season and offer a perfect way to enjoy the holiday with family and friends. So sit back, relax, and indulge in the magic of Easter through these delightful movies. This Easter, celebrate the majesty of nature and mystery of faith with the true story of a ski-loving Pope. Behold the true story of Pope John Paul II when, in July of ‘84, his Holiness met a young man by the name of Lino Zani on the Italian slopes. Indulging in his beloved Winter hobby (held privately dear to the Pope), divine chance--perhaps a miracle-- brought these two together, under an umbrella for their shared love of skiing.  The unsuspecting ski lodge expert, Lino Zani, witnesses much upon the mountain and, over the years, remain friends with His Majesty, t