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From The Page to The Screen: How Skip Hollandsworth’s Journalism Inspires Films

In film, inspiration often comes from the most unexpected places. For Netflix’s Hit Man , the inspiration originated not from a novel or a script written in Hollywood, but from an article published in Texas Monthly. The author behind this incredible article is Skip Hollandsworth , a journalist whose skillful storytelling has inspired several films, including Hit Man and the films Swearing Allegiance and For My Daughter's Honor , streaming on TheArchive .  Hollandsworth’s October 2001 article about the real Gary Johnson , a man known as the “most sought-after professional killer” in Houston, Texas, who was secretly working for the police. Johnson carried the persona of a dangerous assassin for hire while feeding crucial information to the police to help them bring down the criminals who hired him. Glen Powell co-wrote and starred in the Netflix film, which was directed by Richard Linklater .  Another film inspired by Hollandsworth’s journalism is Swearing Allegiance . Based on