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Jaws with Claws?!?!

Grizzly. Enough said.  Just watch now.  Streaming for free.  In 4K.  Free 4K. But if you need more persuasion, just have a look at the esteemed list of  Academy Award winners and nominees involved in this film ( started from the bottom ): Film Editing by  Bub Asman (two wins, six nominations) Location Sound by  John Asman (one Oscar, four Emmy wins and 14 nominations!) Cinematography by William Asman  ( how many Asman's are on this thing?  no Oscars but his brother Bub won two and his brother John won one) Sound Effects Editor Fred Brown (one nomination for Rambo II) Re-recording Mixer Jay Harding (two nominations) Orchestrator Jack Hayes (two nominations) Re-recording Mixer Don MacDougall (two wins, five nominations - did Star Wars and Close Encounters of Third Kind) Re-recording Mixer John Reitz (one win for The Matrix and six nominations) Make Up Artist Gene Witham (was on the Oscar nominated make up team on the original Planet