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Summer Renovations

As you get ready for fall but still have those extra hours in the summer days, no time like the present to attack those lingering fixer upper renovation projects. And we've got a couple series that may get you off the couch and inspire you onto a ladder. Repurposed shipping containers turned into beautiful homes and unique building projects? Absolutely.  In our all new reality series  Container Masters , Jim Russell, also known as the Container Master, brings clients' unique shipping container dreams to life in this unscripted series. Working with Jim is his loyal, hard-working and fun-loving team as we follow them through the build process all the way up to the final reveal. We can barely contain our excitement. 54 episodes  of  energetic and uplifting makeovers! Divine Restoration is a "godsend" of a series with wish-come-true religious renovations coming together in a single week—transforming churches, and in the process communities, with the help of their congreg

The Dog Days of Summer Movies

It's the dog days of summer and boy do we have some dogs for you .  TheArchive  is proud to present... The Barkive! In Sherlock Bones: Undercover Dog , ten-year-old Billy's plans to spend the summer with his father go awry when Sherlock, a talking police dog, demands his help to rescue his police detective handler who was kidnapped by smugglers.    Steve Guttenberg, Billy Zane, and Curtis "Booger Presley" Armstrong, star in The Gold Retrievers about a 12-year-old boy who attempts to save his family home by embarking on a treasure hunt with his mischievous Golden Retriever and a young girl who isn't afraid of a big challenge.   After unearthing a truck full of stolen gold, siblings Peter and Shannon O'Brian are captured by three amateurish bank robbers. Now it's up to Peter and Shannon's pets to come to their rescue.   Pets to the Rescue   stars George Hamilton and his year-round summer tan.                                                              

Tropical Heat: Canada's Sweating Bullets

In Tropical Heat (aka Sweating Bullets) Nick Slaughter (Rob Stewart), is an ex-cop and DEA agent, who drops out of society after being fired from his job. He relocates to the fictional Florida town of Key Mariah to start a detective service with a scrappy travel agent, the beautiful Sylvie Girard (Carolyn Dunn).  It's a recipe for thrills, exotic locales, and lots of action. So it should be no surprise this series aired on CBS the home of other like-minded classics including Magnum P.I.. In fact it was part of CBS' umbrella series of content "Crimetime After Primetime." This is where it gets fun so pay attention. Known as Sweating Bullets in the United States, it was a Canadian production in partnership with Mexico and Israel. Season one was shot in Puerto Vallarta, then season two in Eilat, Israel. Season three was shot in Pretoria, South Africa and Mauritius. Nick Slaughter portrayed in Serbian comic "Strip protest", by Aleksa Gajić, as a student protest

Welcome to the Great and Wild Outdoors

Welcome To The Wild Country . Summer is a beautiful time to explore new outdoor adventures. In this 10 episode docuseries, naturalists John and Janet Foster lead a series of expeditions into the remotest regions of Canada, revealing the spectacular features and wildlife of its vast system of National Parks. From Pacific Rim National Park to Gros Morne National Park, they travel from one end to the other of the world’s second largest country and bring the great outdoors to explosive life. Explore the Wild Corners of the Great Lakes . North America's Great Lakes are the largest bodies of fresh water on earth. In this episode, John and Janet Foster explore some of the hidden corners of these vast inland seas. Great Canadian Southwest Alberta is a land of open space and an abundance of wildlife. From fossilized bones to eerie badlands to great ranching traditions, John and Janet Foster explore the Great Canadian Southwest.  A Wild Lens in Algonquin   In Ontario's Algonquin Park wil