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Spaced Out on TheArchive

Did you know it's World Space Week 2022, or did you space? This year's theme celebrates “Space and Sustainability!" And of course TheArchive  has content that speaks to what's out there past the space litter and orbit of Elon Musk's satellites. Speaking of, i n the four part series Race to Mars , it's the year 2030, and the race to be the first to reach the Red Planet is on—and China is leading the way. China has stunned the world by leapfrogging over America's long-term plans and has landed a series of rovers in their quest to make the most important discovery in history—extraterrestrial life on Mars.  Once again, America and its partners are thrust into a winner-take-all space race. But who will win? Since Mars is on everyone's mind including ours' we are doubling down on red planet viewing. And when Bill Shatner and James Cameron weigh in, it's worth watching... Mars Rising  explores the quest for a manned mission to Mars.  A companion to the