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25 Years Later: Princess Diana Lives On

  As today marks the 25th anniversary of Princess Diana's death  we decided to revisit a movie from   TheArchive , a timely piece of nostalgia,   Princess in Love .  It aired only one year before Princess Di’s untimely death. Recounting the true-life story of the rollercoaster love affair between Captain James Hewitt and Lady Diana Spencer,  Princess in Love  suggests that this relationship “destroyed a royal marriage and stunned the British monarchy.” Today we know that the Royals, still an obsessive figment of media attention and global fandom, and no less a tough lot, remain an insulated family but one no longer immune to the demands for parity from an evolving culture relentlessly pursuing an equitable set of mores.  A subdued and gentle Lady Di is played by Julie Cox in a role - while quite outmatched by the indomitable doppelgänger that is Elizabeth Debicki in Netflix’s The Crown - that still exemplifies Diana’s real life sublimation and pulls on one’s heartstrings despite ho