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Summer Renovations

As you get ready for fall but still have those extra hours in the summer days, no time like the present to attack those lingering fixer upper renovation projects. And we've got a couple series that may get you off the couch and inspire you onto a ladder. Repurposed shipping containers turned into beautiful homes and unique building projects? Absolutely.  In our all new reality series  Container Masters , Jim Russell, also known as the Container Master, brings clients' unique shipping container dreams to life in this unscripted series. Working with Jim is his loyal, hard-working and fun-loving team as we follow them through the build process all the way up to the final reveal. We can barely contain our excitement. 54 episodes  of  energetic and uplifting makeovers! Divine Restoration is a "godsend" of a series with wish-come-true religious renovations coming together in a single week—transforming churches, and in the process communities, with the help of their congreg