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John Saxon: One Year Later

Today would have been Golden Globe winner John Saxon's 85 th   birthday.   Saxon died last year but is immortalized in movies like Black Christmas  and A Nightmare on Elm Street . Interesting trivia,  he was buried at Lake View Cemetery in Seattle, Washington, the same location as his  Enter the Dragon  costar, Bruce Lee. He even made a fun cameo in From Dusk til Dawn . TheArchive commemorates Jon and his incredible work that also found him in a number of our films as well: Joseph’s Gift Joseph is the youngest and his father's favorite. When his brothers grow so envious of the affection that Joseph receives from their father they scheme to abandon Joseph in New York. Lancelot: Guardian of Time Merlin sends Lancelot through a window in time to act as a young Arthur's bodyguard. A wicked sorcerer interferes with these plans, sending Arthur and Lancelot to present day Los Angeles.   Tunnels Beneath the streets and beyond the sewers of New York, this horror-thriller follows two