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Ed Asner: Just Getting Started

Ed Asner was and will always be one of the greats. To be in his orbit was to know “shit's gonna get done.” This was a stalwart of a man, dare we say a bullhorn for speaking his mind and defending the rights of others. Today TheArchive commemorates a long, well lived life. Despite 91 years, it always felt like he was just getting started. Beyond the seven-time Emmy-winning actor from Mary Tyler Moore to Roots, and even as an octogenarian who never slowed appearing most recently in Cobra Kai, Asner also was revered for the kind of activism that served so many. Criticizing the entertainment business’ labor standards and a long time advocate for unionism, then rising to President of SAG, Asner galvanized his position and impact by walking the talk. TheArchive is proud to have some excellent content starring Asner including The Trials of Rosie O’Neill , for which he garnered a supporting actor Emmy nomination. We also have some of his earliest work in Decoy , a 1950’s noir series star