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Grin and Bear It

What's with all the bear movies? Like Antz and A Bug's Life, Dante's Peak and Volcano, Deep Impact and Armageddon, Hollywood loves to overdo a good thing and now they're doing it with bears! But who isn't? Two upcoming bear movies, Cocaine Bear and Blood and Honey, are are attacking theatres as we speak. But fun fact, they are "virtual" bears. If you want some real bear action then check out what we got on TheArchive . We don't have "Pablo Escobear," but we do have Grizzly . It remains to be seen what Cocaine Bear can cook up at the theatre but  Grizzly   r anked among the most successful films of 1976. Grizzly  was produced on a $750,000 budget, becoming   the most successful independent   motion picture of of that year, earning more than $39 million worldwide. It's good to note that Grizzly boasts a crew of more future Academy Award winners and nominees per capita than most legit Oscar films! Eight in fact! Sink your teeth into that. O