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Summer Dreams Part 2: Even Dreamier

You asked for it so we are back with  Summer Dreams Part 2: Even Dreamier! Who better to hunker down with during the dog days of summer than Matt Dillon, Julian McMahon, Steve Guttenberg, and Ian Ziering. These guys are all available for free on . Here’s the skinny on each of these super hot summer titles: First up is  Wet and Wild Summer  starring Elliot Gould and Julian McMahon of  Nip/Tuck  fame about  a young American who visits Australia to close a land development deal for his father. His plans change however, when he falls for the attractive club owner who's trying to hold on to her land. Welcome to Paradise stars Shelley Long and  Sharknado 's dreamy Ian Ziering and is about  longtime friends who take off for Spring Break at Paradise Beach, Florida, to prove they've still got it!   Matt Dillon leads Liar's Moon . Summer in 1940s Texas, finds two teens on opposite sides of the tracks fall hopelessly and forbiddingly in love. The unlikely trifecta

Summer Dreams Part 1: The Dreamboat Stars of Summer

Our team has put together the "Dreamboat Stars of Summer" starring: Don Johnson, Mel Gibson, Bruce Greenwood, and Mark Harmon available for free on . Here’s the skinny on each summer title: First up is Summer Dreams: The Story of the Beach Boys starring Bruce Greenwood as Dennis Wilson.  This is a definitive tale of the legendary band told from the brotherly relationship of the late Dennis Wilson and his genius but troubled brother, Brian, almost 25 years before Love & Mercy. It features an incredible Beach Boys soundtrack. Long Hot Summer is based on a series of stories by William Faulkner and stars Don Johnson (in the Paul Newman role) and Cybill Shepherd. Two years before his breakout role in Mad Ma x, Mel Gibson stars alongside Phil Avalon in surfer flick  Summer City , his very first film.  Four years before the the series of nearly the same title starring Will Smith, and a year before they starred in the cult hit "Summer School," Mark Harm