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A Guide to Classic Horror Movies To Watch This Month: Part 2

MORE HORROR CLASSICS THAN YOU CAN STREAM Freaks, maniacs, monsters, and more. Grab that Halloween candy and stream til you scream. A whole list of recommendations below so keep reading. Our Sunday Night Pick: In part 1, we started with horror's beginnings, Dracula and Frankenstein films, early celluloid ghosts and witches.  Now we move through through the back half of the list to unearth more freaks, maniacs, and monsters. So grab the candy you were going to give to the trick or treaters next week and let's get watching: Freaks : Horror film portrayals of physical deformity, including the Hunchback of Notre Dame. These pictures often featured actors with real deformities or disabilities - the fear of someone different. Scream Queens : Jamie Lee Curtis and Fay Wray, mostly known for their iconic screams on camera, these actresses and others discuss their experience on set and the challenges that they faced when having to maintain fear and terror on set. Girl Ghouls : Female anta

Tarantino, TheArchive, and an Exclusive Screening

Quentin Tarantino is well known for having encyclopedic knowledge of the rare and the retro. And we are excited to share below, some info on when he plans to screen one of our films at his theatre in Los Angeles. Keep reading. So it is no surprise he's had an interesting relationship with many films in our TheArchive library. It may not be as widely known that, for example, our film Hell River , is featured somewhat obscurely in Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood. Says James Tate from Cult Film Freak : Leonardo DiCaprio plays an actor named Rick Dalton who, in 1969, is already a washed-up, has-been former Western television series star with a number of forgotten Western and War Movies under his belt... Including and especially "The 14 Fists of McCluskey" that shows quick footage from this film, HELL RIVER , which is technically impossible since the low-budget Yugoslavian WWII exploitation came out five years after Dalton's time in the Tarantino universe: Then again thi

Amityville live event and more!

This week we have a grab bag of horror for you to check out. From some classic Amityville sequels to a costume drama starring  Harvey Keitel, Jude Law, and Lauren Bacall. And some other surprises…keep reading. Keitel, Law, and Bacall are in Presence of Mind . And before we get to some exciting Amityville live event news, we buried the other leads: Mutant - which is a legit good little freaky creature feature. One Dark Night - Adam West. That's enough. Uninvited  - this one features the OG "Flerken" that Captain Marvel clearly ripped off! There's all kinds of Amityville horror t o watch. In fact, and this is an exciting one…our partners at Rifftrax have an exclusive live event coming for Amityville: The Evil Escapes. If you’re in L.A. next Tuesday the 26th don’t miss it! Buy tickets here or watch it now: Amityville: Evil Escapes Amityville: Dollhouse Amityville: New Generation Amityville: It's About Time Speaking of it's about time... Get watching now on:

A Guide to Classic Horror Movies To Watch This Month: Part 1

From vampires and werewolves to witches and demons, here's a rundown of movie ideas to keep you watching all Halloween 100 Years of Horror  chronicles the history of movie horror from the earliest experimental chillers through to the unforgettable "golden age of movie monsters," and on to the graphic horror films of today. To get some good ideas on what to watch this month ( or just learn more about how this genre emerged ), start here with these 13 docs: Dracula and his Disciples : Cinematic portrayals of Bram Stoker's Count Dracula, including those of Bela Lugosi, John Carradine, and Christopher Lee. Blood Drinking Beginnings : Blood-drinking beings, most notably inspired by Bram Stoker's novel and how different filmmakers found new ways of reinventing the concept of the vampire. Frankenstein's Friends : Classic films based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein focuses on portrayals of the monster by Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Bela Lugosi, and Glenn St

The Horror Restorer 2: TheArchive Presents Three Weeks of 4K Scares

Welcome back to another year of freaks and fears as TheArchive brings you our latest 4K horror classics restored to their glorious gruesome gore. Last year's line up was pretty sick (scroll to the bottom for it), but first check out this year's lineup because we are going bigger. Click if you dare: All month we will bring you more horror films free and direct to your inbox! Remember last year when we were stuck inside and Halloween was cancelled? This is what we served you during the pandemic and we have so much more....  Feel like you're living a nightmare? Want your hope restored?  This is the wrong place because  here  you'll get three weeks of HORROR...restored. As a lead up to Halloween,  TheArchive  has curated our best 4K insanity! Tune in to  TheArchive  each day for creatures, cryptids, and monsters galore. Surprises will be streaming at midnight all month. What better way to kick off #spookyseason2020 than with daily and weekly blocks of killer titles to make