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Spring Forward 2024!

Happy Spring Equinox ! Falling this year on March 19th, the Spring Equinox is more than a point in time when the earth’s axis and orbit line up to create a day with equal day and night. Throughout human history, cultures worldwide have long observed spring equinoxes as a time of renewal, rebirth, and interconnectedness with nature.  Ancient traditions, such as the Persian Nowruz , the Mayan Vernal Equinox , Ostara, the Wiccan holiday , Passover , and the Christian Easter , pay homage to this season of rebirth. Rituals and ceremonies, from planting seeds to dancing around Maypoles, symbolize the awakening of life and the promise of abundance.  Just as the earth’s ice thaws and the cold weather comes to an end, people are encouraged to reflect on what stagnant energy needs to be shaken off and what new projects we want to start. Spring Equinoxes can be celebrated by clearing out your home of clutter and all the heaviness of winter, exploring nature, and observing the seasonal shift outs

Women's History Month 2024

Happy Women’s History Month, everybody! Women's History Month is not just a nod to the past; it's a celebration of the incredible impact women continue to make, leaving an enduring mark on history. This dedicated period invites us to recognize, celebrate, and amplify the stories of women who have shaped societies, shattered barriers, and tirelessly fought for equality To recognize women's incredible talent and creativity, watch two compelling short films that showcase the powerful storytelling abilities of female directors and actresses. Both films, available for streaming on TheArchive , tie into celebrating Women's History Month by highlighting women's strength, determination, and camaraderie in contemporary society and throughout human history.  In the short film Into Light , suffragist Inez Milholland is in the clutches of a terminal illness and steels herself for the final speech of her tour, rallying the nation to give women the right to vote. As her galvan