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Pelé: Celebrating The King

Today TheArchive  and the world mourns the loss of a legend - we celebrate and commemorate a man whose foot and heart had power to boot. Pelé is widely regarded as one of the greatest soccer ( Portuguese: futebol ) players of all time. He was born Edson Arantes do Nascimento on October 23, 1940 in Três Corações, Brazil. As a young boy, Pelé was passionate about soccer and began playing at a young age. He quickly rose through the ranks, joining the Santos Football Club at just 15 years old. It was there that he first gained international fame, leading Santos to victory in the Brazilian Championship and the Copa Libertadores. Pelé's talent on the field was undeniable, and by 1958, he helped lead Brazil to victory in the World Cup, scoring a memorable goal in the final match against Sweden. Pelé's success on the international stage only continued to grow in the following years. He helped lead Brazil to victory in the 1962 and 1970 World Cups, scoring a total of 12 goals in World C

Top 10 Series of 2022

  2022 YEAR IN REVIEW What You Watched in 2022 Who needs Wednesday, Severance, or The White Lotus, when we have Blondes, Gunns, and...Moses. H ere's 2022's most watched series on TheArchive.  By  TheArchive  Staff  Dec 27, 2022, 7:35am EST ALL SHARING OPTIO 2022 is nearly over, and the top ten series from  TheArchive  have been announced, with "Peter Gunn" and "The Lost World" coming out on top as the most watched on the streaming platform. " Peter Gunn ," a classic crime drama, follows the titular private investigator as he navigates the seedy underworld of 1950s America, using his wit and charm to solve cases and bring criminals to justice. With its memorable theme song and hard-boiled lead character, it's no surprise that "Peter Gunn" has captured the attention of viewers for decades. In second place is " The Lost World ," a series based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's classic novel of the same name. The show follows a gr

TheArchive Sheds a Sweet Light

As Hanukkah and its festival of lights fills Jewish homes across the world, TheArchive shares  just eight of our many titles that celebrate that illumination: the perseverance of the Jewish people and the light brought to the world through their countless contributions even in their senseless passing. I Have Never Forgotten You , narrated by Nicole Kidman,  provides an intimate portrait of famed Nazi hunter and humanitarian, Simon Wiesenthal, looking closely at the sacrifices made by one of history's bravest men. Oscar winning documentary,  The Long Way Home , depicts the plight of Jewish refugees after World War II who contributed to the creation of the State of Israel.   The film examines the horrific conditions for Jewish refugees even in post-war Europe, as antisemitism was still prevalent and poverty the norm.  The formation of the State of Israel is explored, along with the ensuing debates around its formation. Narrated by Morgan Freeman,  The Long Way Home  features Edward

TheArchive's Top Ten Movies of 2022

Each year at TheArchive we like to recap our ten most watched series and features. Let's start with our top ten features. We see that our audience has a preference for the beach and summer. We don't blame you, especially now since it's winter where we are and pretty chilly. Also chilly is #10 on the list - a bit of an outlier among the other nine - so jump in, the water's warm, and see what you watched the most in 2022. #10 with a bullet, A Mother's Revenge In  A Mother's Revenge , Carol Sanders' (Lesley Ann Warren) world has com e crashing down when her young daughter (played by NXIVM cult member and convicted felon Allison Mack) is raped. Despite his criminal record, the man is acquitted. In a moment of rage, Carol shoots him and is now on trial herself. Academy Award nominated Bruce Davison plays the father. Fun fact: Annnette O’Toole also stars who was featured alongside Allison Mack in Smallville. The Whole Wide World , our 9th most watched , is the tr

TheArchive's Streaming Stocking Stuffers

Each holiday season we dig deep into TheArchive  to provide something nostalgic that brings back that festive feeling. This year, for each day of Christmas, we're giving you another reason to watch.  So grab a comfy place to relax, curl up with some cocoa and popcorn (or just a splash of eggnog) because we've got 12 streaming stocking stuffers waiting to be unwrapped.  What better way to start than the antithesis of current release, Violent Night.  In  MY SANTA, MY DAD,  Gordon Covington's job keeps him from numerous family obligations. When he misses Christmas with his wife and kids, a grievous situation leads to his transformation into Santa Claus himself. You can see how one may confuse the two.... Next up is a "Soviet-based film" to celebrate the recent release of Brittney Griner. CANDLES IN THE DARK features Alyssa Milano, Chad Lowe, and Max Schell. Set in Soviet-occupied Estonia, a beautiful young American falls in love with a handsome rebel leader. She bec