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David Mamet Couldn’t Pass Over a New York Times Review of When Do We Eat?

As Passover motion pictures go, When Do We Eat? is definitely a memorable one that could also rub some people the wrong way. With the tagline, “My big fat Jewish Seder” no doubt the viewer has a sense of what’s on the table. And it’s hard to dispute whose review of the movie exalts it as, “History’s most hilarious Passover comedy.” That is only if Shalom Sesame: It's Passover, Grover! Is not as funny as it potentially sounds. That being said, Salvador Litvak's  When Do We Eat?  is well worth the watch if only to get a better sense of the “mishegas” (Yiddish for crazy) that can transpire when family gets together to celebrate the holidays; in this particular case, the antics around the Passover dinner table. In fact, David Mamet, in an open letter lambasting a New York Times critic who clearly didn’t get the film, actually found it “raucously funny.” And if the writer of The Untouchables feels that way, then critics be warned: if you pull a knife, you know what Mame