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Most Watched Movie & Series of 2023 on TheArchive

Happy New Year, cinephiles! Welcome to 2024, a year brimming with promise,  opportunities, and, of course, a fresh slate of captivating movies and series to keep us entertained! January is a time to reflect on the year that just passed, set new intentions and goals, and start fresh. For the first blog of the year, we wanted to highlight the most watched movie & TV series that stole the spotlight on TheArchive in 2023.  Most Watched Movie of 2023: My Brother's Wife Barney returns home for his father's funeral. His sister-in-law Eleanor coldly picks him up at the airport, maybe because she was also Barney's first love. They go to the club where they first met, and Barney recalls the circumstances that had previously kept them apart, like his need to act out against his father, his rivalry with his more successful brother, and his own fear of commitment. My Brother’s Wif e stars legendary John Ritter of Sling Blade and Three’s Company and Mel Harris from Raising Ca