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9/11: Stories of Loss and Redemption

  On the 20th anniversary of 9/11 we remember, we honor, and we continue to mourn. We mourn the lives and the innocence lost. Today we spotlight stories that came as a result of this unforgettable time in our history - stories that explore loss and redemption and healing in the wake of 9/11.  First is the  THE REST OF US .  Directed by Dr. Linda G. Mills, artist, author, scholar and Executive Director of NYU's Center on Violence and Recovery,   THE REST OF US   chronicles student resilience in the face of a mental health crisis on the campus of Blair University. Set in the Fall of 2001, a diverse group of college students spring into action when confronted by the reality of a suicide.  The film follows Amy (Amanda Debraux), an introverted engineering student whose resistance, and resilience, inspires those who are left behind -- the rest of us.  The Broken Ones is based based on a true story from writer Cece King, and follows the story of one woman’s struggle to cope with the loss