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Here's What to Watch On Earth Day

Since everything from a burrito to finding a rainbow has a holiday, and those are just in April, today we pause and reflect on our planet’s well-deserved holiday…Earth Day. Earth Day now in its 51 st   year, is the most universally observed secular holiday on the planet. Nearly 200 countries and over a billion people participate "to build environmental democracy and advocate for sustainability," according to   and this year, it runs alongside the Biden administration’s global climate summit. From the pandemic to other global calamities and social unrest we’ve all seen, felt, or been directly connected to, this moment to take in the majestic miracle that is earth comes at the perfect time.   Says John Kerry in   Climate Refugees , “ Climate change is on a complete collision course with civilization as we know it.” So what do we do? According to , The 2021 theme of Earth Day is "Restore Our Earth" and   ''focuses on natural proces