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New on TheArchive Channel: Winter 2023 Wrap-Up

Now that it's officially Spring, we invite you to explore the magic of our recent 4K restorations and film and TV dug out from TheArchive this past Winter. These timeless titles have been lovingly revitalized to offer an unforgettable viewing experience that bridges the gap between the past and present.  Dug from TheArchive: Colonel Bleep: The Malicious Mailman In this previously lost episode, Colonel Bleep molds molten sunbeams into life-saving protective solar shields. These shields protect from Dr. Destructo's moon-powered lunar luger! As shields are being prepared for shipment at Postal Station #1, Dr. Destructo sends a metallic monster with an X-ray gun to weed out the packages with solar shields. Will Colonel Bleep be able to save the day? Relatively Speaking  A game show in which a panel of celebrities attempts to guess the identity of a famous relative by asking yes or no questions to the non-famous contestant. The show is hosted by John Byner, and celebrity guests inc

Spring Forward 2024!

Happy Spring Equinox ! Falling this year on March 19th, the Spring Equinox is more than a point in time when the earth’s axis and orbit line up to create a day with equal day and night. Throughout human history, cultures worldwide have long observed spring equinoxes as a time of renewal, rebirth, and interconnectedness with nature.  Ancient traditions, such as the Persian Nowruz , the Mayan Vernal Equinox , Ostara, the Wiccan holiday , Passover , and the Christian Easter , pay homage to this season of rebirth. Rituals and ceremonies, from planting seeds to dancing around Maypoles, symbolize the awakening of life and the promise of abundance.  Just as the earth’s ice thaws and the cold weather comes to an end, people are encouraged to reflect on what stagnant energy needs to be shaken off and what new projects we want to start. Spring Equinoxes can be celebrated by clearing out your home of clutter and all the heaviness of winter, exploring nature, and observing the seasonal shift outs

NCAA March Madness 2024

Welcome, basketball fans! It's that time of year again – March Madness is here! The annual NCAA college basketball tournaments are one of the most anticipated and widely viewed events in sports.  March Madness isn't just for the men; it's also a thrilling showcase for women's basketball. Known as the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament , it's a highlight in women's sports as well and has seen a rapidly increasing fanbase over the past 10 years. This event will take place alongside the men's tournament, with similar dates for each round. March Madness kicks off in mid-March, featuring 68 teams selected from approximately 350 Division I teams.  Unsurprising given the general history of America, while the NCAA Division I basketball tournament has a long history dating back to 1939, it took until 1982 for women to be included ...a reminder of the journey towards gender equality in sports.  Sadly, throughout much of its existence, women's sports have often