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From Vegas to Lake Huron, and everywhere in between, it seems the UFO sighting is hotter than ever. Even former Air Force veteran and  military intelligence official David Grusch has been on a tear as of late claiming the U.S. government has an alien spacecraft they are currently working to "reverse engineer." And what's more, he claims that he is at  “great personal risk and obvious professional risk” speaking out about his purported knowledge. Well TheArchive thinks the risk is worth it - we certainly believe him - and if you need any further proof, look no further than our body of extraterrestrial sightings right here. We blast off with Close Encounters: Proof of Alien Contact . This documentary examines whether UFOs are real. It studies over 250 amateur video clips, evaluates several recent revelations about Roswell, and examines footage of the removal of an alien implant and hear from a panel of "experts" including: Richard Dreyfuss, David Duchovny, Steven