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Celebrate Earth Day All Week Long!

In this week's blog post, we're spotlighting Earth Day , which took place on April 22nd. But why limit the celebration to just one day? We invite you to join us in extending the celebration of the best planet in our solar system all week long!  Earth Day is an essential reminder of the critical importance of preserving our environment and promoting sustainability. It calls us to unite and take steps towards a healthier planet and a brighter future.  According to National Geographic Kids , the inaugural Earth Day marked a significant moment in history in 1970. Spearheaded by a senator from Wisconsin, a nationwide demonstration was organized to spotlight environmental concerns. This movement saw rallies unfold across the United States, prompting the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency by year's end. Fast-forward to 1990, and Earth Day had evolved into a global phenomenon, embraced by over 140 countries worldwide. With a diverse array of activities, resources

Most Watched TV and Movies of 2021

2021 YEAR IN REVIEW The Things You Watched in 2021 Every streamer has that "list" of the most watched, the most streamed, the most binged. Well we do too.  So here's the most watched movies and series on TheArchive that somehow made it onto your screens between Netflix, HBOMax, Disney+, Hulu and what is that one the kids are watching....TikTok? By  TheArchive Staff     Dec 26, 2021, 5:50am EST All sharing options How great a year has it been for television and film? Squid Game, Succession, Sex/Life, Station Eleven . And that's just stuff with the letter S. And then there's the C's. Curb, Cobra Kai, and... Cowboy Bebop . Oh wait, scratch that last one.  Or if you don't want to take our word for it, just read  The Ringer ’s lists of best  shows  and  movies  of 2021. But before you do check out the most watched on TheArchive to see how it measures up to your list. The Series Binge From Cicely Tyson's award winning performance as Harriet Tubman to the

Here's What to Watch On Earth Day

Since everything from a burrito to finding a rainbow has a holiday, and those are just in April, today we pause and reflect on our planet’s well-deserved holiday…Earth Day. Earth Day now in its 51 st   year, is the most universally observed secular holiday on the planet. Nearly 200 countries and over a billion people participate "to build environmental democracy and advocate for sustainability," according to   and this year, it runs alongside the Biden administration’s global climate summit. From the pandemic to other global calamities and social unrest we’ve all seen, felt, or been directly connected to, this moment to take in the majestic miracle that is earth comes at the perfect time.   Says John Kerry in   Climate Refugees , “ Climate change is on a complete collision course with civilization as we know it.” So what do we do? According to , The 2021 theme of Earth Day is "Restore Our Earth" and   ''focuses on natural proces