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Embracing the Back-to-School Buzz with Earth Angel

With September's arrival comes the familiar buzz of a new school year . Gone are the lazy days of vacation as students step into a realm of learning and achieving. Get in the school spirit by watching Earth Angel on TheArchive . As students gear up for a new academic year, the film's themes of transformation, self-discovery, and navigating unfamiliar territory mirror the emotions of embarking on a new school journey. Directed by Joe Napolitano, the 1991 film Earth Angel takes audiences on a charming, whimsical, and hilarious journey through time. This light-hearted romantic comedy beautifully blends elements of fantasy, nostalgia, and self-discovery. Earth Angel stars Erik Estrada and Mark Hamill , also known as Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars Saga .  The heart of the film revolves around a high school student, portrayed by Cathy Podewell . Prom queen Angela only wants to party, giving no thought to her future. After falling for her tutor, Angela asks him to be her

Celebrate the End of Summer w/ Ahsoka & TheArchive!

  Attention, Star Wars fans! The highly anticipated new series, Ahsoka , is here. Following the incredible journey of Ahsoka Tano , Anakin Skywalker's former Padawan, this series promises action, adventure, and a deeper dive into Ahsoka's character. Portrayed by Rosario Dawson , Ahsoka's live-action debut in "The Mandalorian" left fans craving more of her story. With her enigmatic past and unique connection to the Force, "Ahsoka" is set to uncover untold secrets and bring us closer to the heart of the Star Wars universe. Celebrate the end of summer and the premiere of  Ahsoka with us at TheArchive by watching the talented Rosario Dawson in Side Streets , and join the “Dork Side” by watching The Stream .  Rosario Dawson , a household name in Hollywood, is much more than just a talented actress – she's an inspiring figure who triumphed over a tough upbringing. Growing up in a small apartment with her mother, Isabel Celeste, who was a singer and writ

Sharing the "Secret" - Female Filmmakers Rise to the Moment

Woman's Equality Day celebrated on August 26th, commemorates the hard-fought battle for a woman's right to vote in the United States and serves as a reminder of the continuing struggle for equal rights and opportunities worldwide in all aspects of life.  It's a time to reflect on the progress and work that still lies ahead. Achieving true equality requires dismantling systemic barriers, challenging stereotypes, and fostering inclusivity.  Woman's Equality Day serves as a rallying point to inspire action, celebrate achievements, and galvanize support for a more equitable future for all genders in every field, including the film industry.  In honor of Women’s Equality Day, we will celebrate the feats of outstanding female directors in TheArchive’s Female Director's Collection. The Archive has dozens of Female Directed titles, including this week's focus Sharing the Secret , directed by Katt Shea , who also directed The Rage Carrie 2 and the newest Nancy Drew st