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The Secret Life of a Pope on the Slopes

Keeping it Real   with true stories on TheArchive: This Easter, celebrate the majesty of nature and mystery of faith with the true story of a ski-loving Pope. The Secret Life of John Paul II (2004) The Skiing Pope that will inspire and melt away your winter blues. Behold the true story of Pope John Paul II when, in July of ‘84, his Holiness met a young man by the name of Lino Zani on the Italian slopes. Indulging in his beloved Winter hobby (held privately dear to the Pope), divine chance--perhaps a miracle-- brought these two together, under an umbrella for their shared love of skiing.  The Secret Life of John Paul II (2004) The unsuspecting ski lodge expert, Lino Zani, witnesses much upon the mountain and, over the years, remain friends with His Majesty, the Pope. Brothers of the mountain, united in adventure, the two would fulfill a magnificent journey of friendship, perseverance, and faith.  …Not to mention, adventure.   The Secret Life of John Paul II (2004) The Secret Life of

Parole For Another Monster?

TheArchive  has learned that the monster responsible for the 1970s heinous Chowchilla kidnapping of a bus full of children, who went on to bury them all alive, has been put up for parole. And his other two accomplices are already free men. Is this our criminal justice system at work? He’s been denied 17 times and now for some reason he’s been deemed suitable for release. Mind you the three accomplices planned far in advance of this unspeakable act even determining the perfect amount of ransom to demand.  26 children fell victim to these heinous perpetrators all free to roam the streets again. TheArchive  happens to be streaming Vanished Without a Trace , the movie based on these unbelievable events. Karl Malden puts in a powerful performance as the bus driver who attempts to thwart the plan and save the kids. Stream this wild true story and many others only on  TheArchive . TheArchive  channel is dedicated to aficionados and lovers of story, craft, and silver screen fun – streaming rar

No Shirt, No Mask, No Service for Ricky Schroder

We've got a doozy for you this week. We all know Ricky Schroder has a hard time staying out of the news, but he literally couldn’t even keep his mask on this week at Costco let alone his shirt on in Target for Rage , the latest gem we’ve dug up from TheArchive .   TFR stars Ricky, Freddie Prinze, Jr., and Henry Winkler (or as Gen Z calls him, “that funny old guy who won an Emmy for his role in that amazing Bill Hader show.”) Hey Gen Z, it’s too bad THE FONZ came into his own so late in his career! Nevertheless, we were lucky enough to find some of his work that came out around the time you were born.   More than 20 years before the discovery of Winkler in Barry , he starred in this 1997 TV drama Target for Rage based on the 1992 Lindhurst High School shooting. Ricky Schroder who, in addition to playing a real-life lunatic in a Costco near you just the other day, apparently also played himself in Get Him to the Greek -- national treasure Jonah Hill’s two hander opposite Russell Br