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James Woods is Vietnam Veteran Vice Admiral James Stockdale

This Veteran's Day,  TheArchive  is proud to present In Love and War ,  the true story of Vice Admiral James Stockdale (James Woods who was nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance), a high-ranking naval officer with the distinction of being the longest held POW in Vietnam; and his wife Sybil Stockdale (Jane Alexander) co-founder of the National League of Families, a nonprofit organization that worked on behalf of American Vietnam-era Missing in Action and Prisoner of War Families. Shot down during his third tour, he was held as a prisoner of war in Hanoi for over seven years, tortured 15 times, put in leg irons for two years, and in solitary for four. Stockdale was the only three-star officer in the Navy history to receive aviator wings and the Medal of Honor. He also had two Purple Hearts.  In addition to being a highly regarded war hero, he was later known for being Ross Perot's running mate.  The screenplay was based on the book In Love and War: The Story of a Fami