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Asian American Pacific Islander Representation in the World of Cinema & Television

In this blog, we'll be exploring the rich and diverse contributions of the Asian American Pacific Islander community to the world of cinema. From groundbreaking filmmakers to powerful narratives, we'll delve into the films that have shaped and continue to shape the cultural landscape as a whole. Join us as we reflect on the profound significance of AAPI representation in film, a force that has the power to enlighten and reshape societal perspectives and celebrate the voices that have long been overlooked or marginalized .  Three massive feats in Asian American and general American cinema & television this past year were Past Lives , Shōgun , and Beef . Beef is an incredible show about the human condition and the Asian-Pacific American experience . The show explores the unique challenges Asian Americans face , such as anger, identity formation, familial dynamics, and the weight of our decisions.  Celine Song's film Past Lives offers a fresh perspective, moving beyond

They Call Me Bruce? (Lee) and its Journey to Inclusion

"Let nature take its course, and your tools will strike at the right moment.” ― Bruce Lee Johnny Yune and his classic They Call Me Bruce ? are an inextricably linked one two punch. One being Yune and his comedic brilliance discovered early on by none other than the late great Johnny Carson. And two, They Call Me Bruce ?, the byproduct of Yune’s genius that was far ahead of its time. So far ahead that one may even say he helped pave the way for amazing, topical shows like Fresh off the Boat.  But it is also entirely likely that Yune also felt the underrepresentation of the times, foreshadowing even today where, according to NBC News, a recent  study on Asian American representation in Hollywood  found that only 3.4 percent of Hollywood’s top-grossing movies featured Asian American or Pacific Islander leads. For its time, grossing over $16 Million at the box office deems this a rarified hit starring an Asian American. Even in today's standards. While IMDB describes They Call Me