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NCAA March Madness 2024

Welcome, basketball fans! It's that time of year again – March Madness is here! The annual NCAA college basketball tournaments are one of the most anticipated and widely viewed events in sports.  March Madness isn't just for the men; it's also a thrilling showcase for women's basketball. Known as the NCAA Division I Basketball Tournament , it's a highlight in women's sports as well and has seen a rapidly increasing fanbase over the past 10 years. This event will take place alongside the men's tournament, with similar dates for each round. March Madness kicks off in mid-March, featuring 68 teams selected from approximately 350 Division I teams.  Unsurprising given the general history of America, while the NCAA Division I basketball tournament has a long history dating back to 1939, it took until 1982 for women to be included ...a reminder of the journey towards gender equality in sports.  Sadly, throughout much of its existence, women's sports have often

Basketball, James Toback, and Al Franken. What could go wrong?

Harvard Man stars Adrian Grenier, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Joey Lauren Adams in a film about a Harvard student and star point guard for Harvard's basketball team.  When his parents' house is destroyed by a tornado, Grenier inadvertently hooks up with the mob who agrees to give him the repair money if he throws his college basketball game.  The plot takes an even more bizarre turn when our star drops too much acid and goes on a hallucinogenic journey longer than the movie.  It's interesting to note that disgraced, allegedly serial abuser James Toback is the director who back in the early 2000s was still in demand and could command one helluva cast. In addition to Gellar and Grenier, Eric Stoltz, Rebecca Gayheart, and Al Franken, oddly playing himself, round out the star quotient.  And what brings around the relevance is Milwaukee Bucks legend himself, Mr. Ray Allen, who is featured in this early 2000s basketball drama while he was still on the Bucks.... If you need to pas