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Countdown to Christmas: Christmas Lilies of the Field

  The countdown to Christmas is like waiting for your favorite holiday dessert to come out of the oven, there is so much anticipation and the excitement is contagious. But in the meantime, what better way to fill those days than with the magic of Christmas movies ?  We all have the one Christmas film that allows us to unapologetically embrace the nostalgia of the season and lets us know that the most wonderful time of the year has arrived, but Instead of rewatching Christmas films you’ve seen time and time again, add some classics you may have missed to your watch list.  Christmas Lilies of the Field stands out as a true gem that deserves a special spot in your festive movie lineup. Released in 1979, this heartwarming film tells a tale of generosity and community. What sets this film apart is its ability to blend humor, emotion, and a sprinkle of Christmas magic. The plot goes as follows: While passing through, Homer decides to visit the chapel he helped the nuns build years ago. Mot

Sidney Poitier: There Will Be No Other

  There will be no other. Sidney Poitier, "paved the way for Black actors in film," but it is all too apparent he paved the way for ALL actors and helped shaped a humanity that without him, may still be longing for such a changemaker and pathfinder. Poitier was the first Black performer to win the Oscar for best actor for “Lilies of the Field,” and is well known for saying he felt “as if I were representing 15, 18 million people with every move I made.” I believe with all my heart that Mr. Poitier was as crucial in the odyssey of freedom and equality for Black Americans — for personhood — as Frederick Douglass and Harriet Tubman, as Martin Luther King Jr. A clear descendant of Douglass’s rhetorical brilliance, he spoke the words of white people but from his own mouth. His projected image begot what is now a galaxy of other Black actors. - Wesley Morris, The New York Times Sidney Poitier, born in 1927 in Miami and grew up  in the Bahamas,  rose to distinction at the outset of