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Coney Island (1917): A Timeless Summer Escapade

Coney Island artwork handmade by Multicom's Nicole Bajorek In the summer of 1917, audiences were treated to a delightful escape to a lively amusement park through the silent film Coney Island . This Cinematic gem was one of the earliest collaborations between Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle and Buster Keaton . Keaton, who was still in the early stages of his career, played a supporting role in the film. Coney Island captured the essence of summer with its whimsical humor and daring stunts. So, hold onto your hats and secure your popcorn as we dive into the world of this classic film and uncover its timeless relevance and how it beautifully captures the spirit of summer . While on vacation at Coney Island, Fatty attempts to evade his wife in order to enjoy the amusement park's many attractions. The wife runs into an old friend, who agrees to help her look for her husband. However, when an attractive young woman catches his eye, the old friend ends up wooing her away from her d