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Cancelled? Fox, Super Bowl Sunday, and Roseanne?

The Super Bowl is here, and so is...Roseanne? Yes, as a matter of fact,  TheArchive  has a one two punch for you, a twofer if you will that brings you football and Roseanne. But more on that in a moment.  First Roseanne. It's been nearly a half decade since Roseanne was "cancelled" and now Fox Nation has helped her claw back with a new comedy special  Roseanne Barr: Cancel This! , premiering Monday  on Fox Nation . Roseanne has been pushing this hard across recent football games and no doubt Fox will have something up their sleeve to support her on Sunday. Roseanne also has a doc debuting the same day on the Fox Nation streaming service,  Who Is Roseanne Barr? There is something to be said about the presumed power and draw of Roseanne, who joins Kelsey Grammer and Kevin Costner in the network's attempt to bring eyeballs, that Fox is driving so much awareness around her in hopes she boosts subscriber numbers for the nascent streamer.  And we say - good luck and we hope