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Gary Cole vs. Mark Harmon

It's a network series talent smackdown and the stakes are high. With NCIS episode 3 of Season 19 debuting tonight, anything can happen as we learn more about Gary Cole's character Agent Park. As Mark Harmon steps back on NCIS and Gary Cole steps in...will Cole assume the NCIS throne or is this all shameless TV marketing? After 19 seasons can anyone really just replace Harmon? Can Cole fill those polished shoes? I guess we shall see. But in the meantime, we have our own Cole v. Harmon marathon below so you decide who's got the chops or should be chopped! We start with the Harmon and Prince of Bel-Air . Four years before the series of nearly the same title starring Will Smith, and a year before they starred in the cult hit "Summer School," Mark Harmon and Kirstie Alley showed their romantic comedy chemistry in this little known 80s classic.  Next up is For My Daughter's Honor   following a high school student who becomes an object of creepy romantic affection to