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War of 1812 Docuseries: Memorial Day Spotlight

The War of 1812, while known by name, is often one of those long running series of battles and significant losses of life, that is not well known in story.  War of 1812 , the four part docuseries, brings to life an extraordinary conflict that decided the fate of North America, confirmed the creation of Canada, and annihilated the dream of an independent Native nation.   Featuring robust reenactments of the battles and tense correspondence between leaders,  War of 1812  offers a rare look at history.  The depth of death and loss among Canadian militia forces and losses among native tribes was staggering for its time or any time for that matter.  British injury and loss outpaced American lives lost but all told nearly 15,000 died from all causes directly related to the War of 1812 .  We memorialize those lost in this decisive American conflict but encourage you to learn more about why this war occurred and how the fallout helped reimagine the future, not always for the better, of so many