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Hispanic Heritage Month: Mexican Cinema on TheArchive

As we observe National Hispanic Heritage month through October 15th, TheArchive curated a list of classic 50s and 60s Mexican cinema to watch throughout the coming weeks. Hispanic Heritage month (which started as a week) began in 1968 years after these films released. It kicks off every September 15th, which marks the the anniversary of independence for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Mexico celebrates on September 16th. To that end, let's celebrate this important time by spotlighting some brilliant films from some of Mexico's great filmmakers. We start with the legendary Oscar nominated Luis Buñuel. In the classic film  Una Mujer Sin Amor  (1952) from famed director Luis Buñuel, when a woman sacrifices her own happiness for her family, she creates a rift that will only come to pass years later. It is based on Guy de Maupassant's story "Pierre et Jean."  The film is an indictment on bourgeois  values and Buñuel himself, later in life fa

TheArchive Features: The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema

TheArchive pays tribute to the generations of Hispanic filmmakers who have positively enriched our culture. Here's some of our film classics from the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema and the filmmakers who no doubt influenced their American filmmaker successors. From famed director and “father of cinematic surrealism” Luis Buñuel , Una Mujer Sin Amor , tells the story of a woman who sacrifices her own happiness for her family, but in doing so creates a rift that will take a lifetime to mend.  Romantic drama La Duda , was directed by Alejandro Galindo, one of the most prolific and lauded directors of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema. Directed in 1962 by Miguel Delgado, renowned Mexican director of over 140 films, Estoy Casado, Ja Ja is a romantic comedy adventure featuring the story of Ana Maria and Marcelo who meet on a cruise ship and plan to get married on the spot. However, the wedding is postponed under the contingency that the two should get to know more about one another first