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Killing it on TheArchive!

Have you seen A Murderous Affair starring Virginia Madsen?  First of all, it features Johnny Roastbeef Williams. Enough said. Anybody want a sandwich? But then it also features William H. Macy. Now, enough said. And it used to be in glorious SD. Until TheArchive made it available in HD. And for free no less.... Old school SD trailer for an HD film! Nice. In case you're curious,  based on a true story ,  A Murderous Affair  is the case of Carolyn Warmus, a teacher from Westchester County who was convicted of the murder of her lover’s wife.    When Paul Solomon (Chris Sarandon) returns home to find his wife has been murdered, he becomes the primary suspect.   He reveals to the detectives he committed adultery during his affair with the sexy and charming Carolyn Warmus as his alibi.    Soon Detectives begin to find the seemingly sweet Carolyn was anything but, and had a jealous streak that would lead her to stop at nothing to get Pau