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Pocahontas: Navigating Cultures and Challenging Myths

Join us in celebrating International Day of the World’s Indigenous People on August 9th by watching Pocahontas: Princess of the American Indians on TheArchive , as well as by learning about the true story of Pocahontas.  The story of Pocahontas is a timeless tale that bridges cultures while celebrating the power of unity and promotes a reverence for Mother Earth. The plot of the film goes as follows: Native American princess Pocahontas has been entrusted with a special task that could save her people and the environment. When colonists arrive by ship on their lands, Pocahontas prays to the Great Spirit for a way for her people to befriend the colonists instead of fighting, but she must teach the settlers to preserve the forests, protect animals and the environment. Pocahontas is a real historical figure , whose real name was Matoaka in some accounts or Amonute in others. She was a Pamunkey Native American woman born in the late 1500s in what is now Virginia. Her journey through life