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Celebrating the 2024 Grammy Awards

In the realm of music, few events carry as much weight and prestige as the Grammy Awards. Winning a Grammy is not just a trophy; it's a validation of an artist's impact and influence on the industry. The Grammy’s are never dull; at the 2024 Grammys this past Sunday, we got a remarkable performance from Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs showcasing their talents with a rendition of Fast Car, Miley Cyrus received her first Grammy Award , and Jay-Z gave a powerful speech about the division that categorization at the Grammy’s creates.  Taylor Swift won Album of the Year for 4th time , ending the night as 14-time Grammy winner. She'll now head back out on the road to continue her record breaking tour; the mystery of whether or not she will make it to the Super Bowl in time won't be solved until kick-off on Sunday. Although the Grammy Awards are exciting and help acknowledge innovative artists who deserve recognition, they can also be a source of much controversy. From surprising

Summer Concert Series Only on TheArchive

Live concerts and events are definitely back. This summer and into fall, people everywhere are trying to get out to see their favorite bands back on tour. From The Rolling Stones to The Gipsy Kings , Stevie Nicks to Michael Bolton , every show seems to sell out before the tickets come online. And for bands like KISS , who kick off their final tour ever next week, good luck getting tickets! But not everyone is ready to race out to join the massive crowds or fight to see their favorites one last time. So  TheArchive  is  bringing some of the tour stops directly to you. We've got the "unseen concert" from Kiss.  Kiss: Live in Las Vegas .  In typical cutting edge Gene Simmons fashion, in 1999 Kiss participated in a concert to be streamed on the internet. Unfortunately as Kiss was about to perform, the servers crashed and over a billion people missed out seeing the performance.  Speaking of Vegas, check out The Who: The Vegas Job .  On October 29th, 1999, The Who gave a one-