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Video Games and the Movies

Memory lane has brought us Super Mario Brothers and Dungeons & Dragons yet again and audiences the world over are all over it! From the beloved plumber navigating the Mushroom Kingdom to the immersive world of fantasy in Dungeons & Dragons, these iconic franchises have not only dominated the gaming landscape but now also the box office. TheArchive loves us some nostalgia too and so we uncovered our own video game treat from our favorite Roger Corman doppelganger Greydon Clark. O ver four decades, Clark brought films to the screen like the "sexy pep squad" in  Satan's Cheerleaders  and excelled at exploitation with diverse diddies like  Wacko ,  Black Shampoo , and Without Warning . But he also dug him some video games and rolled out  Joysticks  in 1983. Says Greydon Clark himself about the film that not only stars Leif Green but Jim Greenleaf (is that even possible?), " I started thinking about video games, teenagers, and sex…Seemed like a very logical thing